19 ottobre 2014

Urban Cowboy in Brooklyn

Dear readers, today I leave you with the fantastic work of the designer Lyon Porter a superb rustic/industrial B&B located in Brooklyn (N.Y). Enjoy industrial, Enjoy rustic, Enjoy Cow Boys!!!!

17 ottobre 2014

Farmhouse at Fredensborg.

Dear readers, today I leave you with a Farmhouse in Fredensborg (Denmark).In a very minimal but at the same time rustic chic style this country place send a lot of quiet... Enjoy minimal décor, Enjoy grey palette, Enjoy countryside!

16 ottobre 2014

15 ottobre 2014

Victoria Hills Country Home.

Dear readers, today i leave you with a cozy and rustic home with and amazing garden and outdoors at the Victoria Hills (South Australia). Enjoy country homes , Enjoy Fall, Enjoy gardening.....

14 ottobre 2014

The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

Dear readers, today i leave you with an historical old building close to the city of Nantes(France)and to the river Erder...

13 ottobre 2014

12 ottobre 2014

Sunday bedroom inspiration...

Dear readers, yellow as the sun white as the light morning this cool and cozy bedroom is a good Sunday morning inspiration...Enjoy Relax, Enjoy Scandinavian Country Style, Enjoy Sunday!!!