28 novembre 2014

Old wood cabin ready for Christmas.

Dear readers,today i leave you with an old wood cozy cabin  in Denmark
(Klampenborg)decked to celebrate Christmas... In pure Scandinavian Style!.
 Enjoy Wood, Enjoy Christmas decorations, Enjoy Scandinavian way of life!!!

27 novembre 2014

Renovated city town home in Denmark.

Dear readers, in a Christmas background ...
today let's stay again in Denmark ... where the Lund family lives in a beautiful propriety  with Scandinavian inner décor and splashes of colour, in the city centre.

26 novembre 2014

Contemporary Scandinavian home in Iceland.

Dear readers, today I leave you with a contemporary Iceland home... The owner the interior designer Berglind Berndsen

25 novembre 2014

Claire Delmar Sydney's Home.

Dear readers, today i leave you with the sophisticated renovated home of the stylist Claire Delmar in Sydney (Australia)... Enjoy Grey,Enjoy minimal. enjoy great style!!! 

24 novembre 2014

Scandinavian &Ethnic chic apartment in Copenhagen.

Dear readers, today i leave you with an apartment in the centre of Copenhagen. A mix of Scandinavian and Ethnic style chosen by the travellers, the owners the Chef Peter Inge Bers and wife the painter Louise Breyen.

22 novembre 2014

Red Christmas Details inspiration décor.

Dear readers,this weekend inspiration goes to this cozy old farm in Osmo(Sweden) ready to welcome Christmas in pure Scandinavian Style...

21 novembre 2014

A Country Tudor Cottage

Dear readers, this weekend i leave you with the gorgeous and cozy cottage of the London couple Roni and John who now live in this jewel country Tudor cottage...Enjoy country life, Enjoy weekend, Enjoy vintage!